Google NewsElectric Planes And Carbon Offsets Are Ways To Reduce Air Travel Emissions  NPR

Air travel is set to grow dramatically. It will be a while before electric planes truly take off, but people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint now with offsets ...

This is what the busiest air-travel day in aviation history looks like  Fast Company

Wednesday was the busiest day since Flightradar24, a site that monitors real-time air traffic, started tracking flights. On July 24, more than 225,000 flights took to ...

No, EasyJet’s ‘Backless’ Chair Is Not the Future of Air Travel  Adweek

Viral tweet does not show the latest indignity being inflicted on travelers.

Flight Risk: Activists Push for Less Air Travel  U.S. News & World Report

The campaigns that stem from environmental worries raise questions about their effectiveness as air travel grows around the world.

More Americans Are Flying, But Is the Quality of Air Travel Suffering?  Cheddar

Americans have wanderlust and it shows. In 2018, U.S. airlines carried a record 889 million passengers, according to the Bureau of Transportation. That's nearly ...

UK climate agency officials doubled air travel over previous year, report says  Fox News

Members of the United Kingdom agency tasked with addressing climate change issues took nearly twice as many flights in the most recent fiscal year as they did ...

In Europe, the Movement to Give Up Air Travel Is Taking Off. Could the U.S. Be Next?  TIME

A growing number of Europeans are limiting air travel in favor of more eco-friendly transportation. But can rail infrastructure catch up?

Wednesday Was the Busiest Air Travel Day Ever Tracked  Mental Floss

Swedish flight-tracking *service* Flightradar24 recently announced the news on Twitter—but it's possible the record could be broken again within the week.

Can Germany's Trains Replace All Domestic Flights?  CityLab

To reduce emissions from air travel, Germany's Green Party wants to eliminate the need for domestic flights by making big investments in trains.

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