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  1. Microplastics in bottled water 'don't appear to pose a health risk', says WHO
  2. Microplastics in drinking water: UN's World Health Organization study finds more microplastics in bottled water than tap water  CBS News
  3. “Microplastics” Pollution Poses A Future Threat To Drinking Water  BuzzFeed News
  4. Don't worry about drinking microplastics in water, UN says
  5. Microplastics in drinking water 'don't appear to pose health risk,' WHO says  CNN
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  1. You Can No Longer Buy Bottled Water At SFO  CBS Sacramento
  2. Beginning today, you won't be able to buy plastic bottles of water at San Francisco International Airport  CNN
  3. SFO bans bottled water sales  San Francisco Examiner
  4. SFO’s plastic water bottle ban draws mixed reactions on first day  San Francisco Chronicle
  5. SFO plastic water bottle ban begins today  CBS News
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Huntley Project Schools providing bottled water for students  KTVQ Billings News

WORDEN — A public health water warning sent Huntley Project schools into action providing bottled water for students Wednesday, and the community helped.

Dixie County officials will give bottled water to people affected by flooding  WCJB

DIXIE COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- Emergency management officials in Dixie County will be handing out cases of water bottles to residents affected by the recent ...

Can You Drink Expired Bottled Water

The response to a lead-in-water crisis in Newark, N.J., was hamstrung after questions were raised over whether residents can drink expired bottled water.

Bottled water: can consumers count on quality?  Downtown newsmagazine | Birmingham/Bloomfield

More than seven out of 10 Americans – 72 percent – say bottled water is their most preferred non-alcoholic beverage, followed by coffee, 61 percent, and then…

Governor Says It Will Take Weeks to Test Newark Lead Water Filters  Newsweek

The governor of New Jersey has admitted it could take weeks to determine why recently installed filters to help deal with Newark's lead water crisis are not ...

Bottled Water May Contain PFAS Contaminants

Michigan officials urged industry to require tests for PFAS contaminants in bottled water after the chemicals were also found in tap water. Consumer Reports has ...

Water bottle tax penalizes California's rural poor | TheHill  The Hill

Charging a per-bottle fee is just another way to impose a de facto tax on consumers.

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