Google NewsBusinesses must replace cloud Skype phones by 2023  TechTarget

Microsoft has given businesses four years to replace their Skype for Business Online phones with hardware designed for Teams. It's the latest move by Microsoft ...

Digital Channels Move Customer Engagement Strategies Beyond the Business Phone  MarTech Advisor

Companies are ditching cold calling, moving beyond the business phone and are instead using a multichannel personalized digital approach including email, ...

Is Sony’s smartphone business dead or can it be revived?  Digital Trends

Sony has long been one of the biggest consumer electronics brands around and it used to be a major player in mobile, but sales have just hit their lowest level ...

Hacker Bribes AT&T Employees to Unlock Millions of Phones  Small Business Trends

Employees bribed to unlock phones at AT&T have cost the company millions in lost revenue over 5 years. Here's how it happened.

Samsung lowers phones' default screen resolution to save battery life  INSIDER

Samsung's smartphone screens are capable of the sharp WQHD 1440p resolution, but they're set to FHD 1080p out of the box.

The new mobile phone scam delivering a problem  BBC News

Why are fraudsters arranging for a brand new phone to unexpectedly be delivered to your door?

Google Makes It Harder To Find A Phone Repair Service…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week  Forbes

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 — Thank Google for making it harder ...

How Phones Made the World Your Office, Like It or Not  The New York Times

Misplacing your car keys is worrisome, but it's nothing like the free-fall panic of losing your phone. Hollywood could make a horror movie about somebody just ...

Game of Phones: 4 B2B Inside Sales Lessons from Westeros  Delaware Business Times

The Game of Phones is not so different than the Game of Thrones. Here are four B2B sales and sales management lessons we gleaned from HBO's hit series.

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