Google NewsFamily members are suspects in missing generators and computer  Hastings Banner

A 68-year-old man called police at 10 p.m. Aug. 6 to report four generators and a laptop were stolen from his residence in the 5000 block of West State Road.

Concerns about use of portable generators during PG&E emergency  Manteca Bulletin

The specter that portable generators improperly used during a prolonged black-out emergency induced by PG&E could endanger people's heaalth was raised ...

Racetracks Owner Sued For $46M Over Lease For Generators  Law360

SunTrust Equipment Finance & Leasing Corp. filed suit Thursday against NASCAR and IndyCar racetrack owner International Speedway Corp. for refusing to ...

No, that's not a diesel generator charging an electric car  PolitiFact

On its face, the viral image seems ridiculous: A van tows a generator that is being used to charge an electric vehicle. "A gas powered van, towing a diesel ...

Generator sales rise due to PG&E power shutoff concerns  KCRA Sacramento

With temperatures rising, concerns are also growing over potential power shutoffs by utility companies.

Generators Reviewed: Where to Find the Best Generator Reviews Online  The Costa Rica News

The generator market is changing all the time and there have been a number of large technological breakthroughs in the past decade or so that have really.

Bronx NYCHA complex has been depending on generators for a month  New York Post

While City Hall demands answers from Con Edison following the summer's blackouts, residents of a Bronx public housing complex have spent the last month ...

India Announces Payment Mechanism To Help Renewable Energy Generators  CleanTechnica

As uncertainty over the future of power purchase agreements, as well as a liquidity crunch, plagues the country, the Indian government has taken measures to ...

Side yard generators might be allowed  Manteca Bulletin

More than 60 Manteca households are interested in installing whole house emergency generators that cost at least $3000 to purchase and well over $1000 to ...

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