Google NewsIs there Internet life after thirty? | TheHill  The Hill

The internet has improved and enriched our lives in immeasurable ways, and the sky is the limit for its next 30 years. But we must learn from the past and write ...

8.23.19 Internet speeds are vastly overrated; Clark Stinks  Boston 25 News

Clark's neighborhood recently got 1gig internet *service*. He signed up. Speed tests show that they are not getting 1 gig. The WSJ did an in-depth testing of home ...

'Endless Thread' Solves A Wacky Internet Mystery Thousands Wanted Answered!  WBUR

The question thousands of internet sleuths have been trying to answer for more than two years — the strange, furry character and his buddies in The Land of Ta ...

U.S. Internet Pricing Is All Over the Place. Help Us Investigate It.  The Wall Street Journal

American consumers often pay drastically different prices for comparable internet services, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of users' bills.

Best internet providers in 2019: How to choose cable vs. DSL vs. satellite and more  CNET

In 2019, high-speed internet *service* has become as vital as other utilities like electricity and water. It's the gateway for everything from education to news, dining ...

26-Pound Shelter Cat Named Mr. B Breaks Hearts and the Internet: 'He's a Chonk of a Chonk'

Cat lovers looking to adopt Mr. B crashed the Morris Animal Refuge website on Thursday.

Pluralities in most emerging economies believe government should ensure equal internet access  Pew Research Center

A median of 65% across 11 emerging economies say it is the government's responsibility to ensure equal access to reliable internet *service*.

What do you see here? The internet can't make up its mind  The Missoulian

A 2017 viral video has resurfaced and the internet is going wild over what it actually is: bird or bunny? Peep what else is trending online on today's 5 To.

The next billion internet users is through feature phones  Quartz Africa

Lightweight advanced feature phones are the fastest-growing segment for developing countries, especially in Africa.

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