Google NewsLebanon restaurant inspections: City eatery checked over foodborne illness concern  Lebanon Daily News

A Lebanon eatery was subject to an investigation for foodborne illness, but ultimately found in compliance with food safety laws.

Everything You Need to Create Your Dream Closet Is On Sale at the Container Store Right Now  Real Simple

If you've been waiting for an excuse to design the closet of your dreams, we have some good news. The Container Store is having its first-ever custom closet ...

Troxell: Repair the foundation or everything collapses | Opinion  The Daily Progress

When my wife and I bought our first house, the first thing my wife did was paint the hallway. Unfortunately, she painted it before I could get to my first.

Pressurised storage could dramatically extend fruit juice shelf life  IEG Vu

Hyperbaric storage (storage under higher than atmospheric air pressure) at room temperature (HSRT) can inhibit and even inactivate the endogenous microflora ...

No-deal Brexit could force supermarkets to ration as shelves 'quickly' empty  Yahoo Sports

Google searches for stockpiling advice and requests to join a Facebook group for 'preppers' have both risen since a leaked report warned of shortages, Yahoo ...

15 Stylish and Clever Living Room Storage Ideas

Stylish storage solutions are of utmost importance in the living room—these fifteen clever and stylish living room storage ideas will do the trick.

This Cult-Favorite Drawer Organizer — & 37 Other Things On Amazon That'll Organize All Your Crap  Bustle

If you're like a lot of people, you probably have a whole lot of stuff — and it's probably taking up a whole lot of room. Luckily, this cult-favorite drawer organizer ...

5 Garage Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own

Check out these amazing before-and-afters to inspire you to get your own garage interior organized and looking great.

The 10 Smartest Kitchen Organizers and Storage Solutions on Amazon, According to Thousands of Reviews  Yahoo Lifestyle

As much as we're fans of a well-stocked kitchen, it's no fun to cook in cluttered chaos of spatulas, stock pots, and stray spice jars. To make the most of (and in) ...

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