Google NewsThe Future Of Train Travel Is Here With Virgin Trains USA  Forbes

Taking a relaxing trip by rail or hopping on a high-speed commuter train to the next city is common in Europe and Asia, but it's a foreign idea for most Americans.

Escapes: Elegance still reigns on trains. All aboard for Canada!  Los Angeles Times

This week, Escapes takes us on two different train trips across Canada, where elegance and romance still reign. In other travel news, Catalina still pleases after ...

You Can Travel Through The Canadian Rockies In A Glass-domed Train  Simplemost

You don't have to be outside to enjoy a full view of Canada's amazing mountain ranges. Instead, why not take a train trip? It can be a great way to see the ...

Book Half-Off Amtrak Train Tickets for September, Starting Today  Lifehacker

If you're considering traveling by train in the month of September, you're going to want to book your tickets now. Starting today (Aug. 16) and ending tomorrow, ...

Solar-powered railway could reduce fossil fuel reliance  CNN

The world's first solar farm to directly power a railway line has been plugged in -- a development that could lay the foundations for solar-powered trains.

This Luxury Train to Machu Picchu Winds Through the Peruvian Highlands in Style (Video)  Travel+Leisure

Passing through the lush grounds of Tambo del Inka in the Sacred Valley of Peru, my eyes flit as I look for the first glimpse of my ride to Machu Picchu: a ...

On Canada's Via Rail, a return to the older — and let's be honest, better — way of traveling  Los Angeles Times

The train trip across Canada was a chance to see the land before it collapses in on itself.

5 Worst Things About Rail Travel In Europe (& 5 Good Things)  TheTravel

Rail travel is far more popular in Europe than North America — and with this mode of travel comes the bad and the good.

In Europe, the Movement to Give Up Air Travel Is Taking Off. Could the U.S. Be Next?  TIME

A growing number of Europeans are limiting air travel in favor of more eco-friendly transportation. But can rail infrastructure catch up?

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