Google NewsWhat's the difference between travel insurance and trip 'protection'?  USA TODAY

Travelers considering travel insurance may be tempted to buy a less expensive waiver or trip protection plan. But there are important differences.

This is When Travel Insurance Is Worth It—And When It Isn't  Reader's Digest

Travel insurance sounds like a good idea in case of emergency, but when is it worth the money and when is it a waste?

Does your foreign destination require travel insurance? Increasingly, yes  Los Angeles Times

You're planning a trip abroad and you've decided not to buy travel insurance. “My choice,” you think and you're right. Except in certain countries where you are ...

Warning! Travel insurance doesn’t cover this  The Washington Post

If you think your travel insurance policy will protect your upcoming summer vacation, you might want to take another look. Travel insurance doesn't cover ...

Big Trip Planned? Get Travel Insurance  Real Daily

Insurance is an intangible thing that you pay a lot of money for, yet really can't do without in a life full of uncertainty. We get coverage for our houses, cars, lives, ...

Over half of Brits don't take out travel insurance | Buzz travel | eTurboNews | Travel News

With half term and the summer holidays within reach, new research from MoneySuperMarket today reveals that over a third of people in UK go on holiday.

Top cruise destinations (based on travel insurance purchases)  Travel Daily

Travel insurance provider InsureMyTrip has ranked the top cruise destinations for travellers, month by month, based on travel insurance purchases sold.

6 Ways Travel Insurance Protects Cruise Passengers

Not familiar with travel insurance for your cruise? Here's a list of the things that most plans cover, along with more details of buying a policy.

Here are the top 10 foreign trips Americans cover with travel insurance  CNBC

Tens of millions of Americans head abroad each year on vacation and many opt to insure their trips before departure. Here's a look at the top 10 foreign ...

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