Google NewsWhy the $800 billion trucking industry is in a 'bloodbath' in 2019  Business Insider

Many of the trucking industry's struggles of late can be traced back to the highly cyclical nature of the business.

Fewer drivers risk losing jobs over truck automation, study says  Fleet Owner

Long-haul drivers are most at risk, according to BLS commissioner, who says there will be more jobs for last-mile deliveries.

Keep On Trucking  Oregon Business

Jana Jarvis, president of the Oregon Trucking Associations, discusses why trucking jobs are not going away because of automation, and what the gr...

The economic realities in the heart of coal country  Marketplace APM

For families who've lived in coal country for generations, it feels like the American dream is broken, but a wave of black and Latino newcomers to the region see ...

Drivers wanted: Trucking school responds to industry demand  Daily Astorian

Cars lined up behind Austin Rieck as he idled just off U.S. Highway 101 Business on Monday, waiting for a clear stretch of road to pull out in his Peterbilt ...

FMCSA will change HOS laws that truck drivers hate  Business Insider

Dozens of truck drivers have told Business Insider that an electronic-logging-device mandate to enforce hours-of-*service* rules had damaged their ability to make ...

Truckers can't pay off their fuel cards — and it's a 'sure sign' that more trucking bankruptcies are coming  Business Insider

Pilot Flying J told Business Insider that there's been some "weakness" in the credit market of their fuel card business.

Thailand’s Roads Are Deadly. Especially if You’re Poor.  The New York Times

The rules of a highly unequal society extend even to the highways, where have-nots are far more likely to be killed than haves.

NKC-based truck driver lied to get job before deadly crash  KSHB

The North Kansas City-based semi tractor-trailer driver charged with reckless homicide in a deadly crash last month in Indianapolis lied to get his job.

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